Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What's it all about?

Okay blog post 1, let's set some ground rules, what's it all about?
Well first off - I'm the author of a course titled "Get More Sex, Get Better Sex" - so what I don’t want this to be is a cut and paste exercise from the course just to promote it.
What I am always trying to do is to add to and enhance my course in order to make it better for my customers, and I do this by…
·         Always learning.
·         Seeking out and reading in detail the posts on blogs and the forums that men and women participate in to get help with their issues.
·         Constantly reading 'stuff' to seek new insights of knowledge.
·         Seeking out better ways to put the learning across to make it easier for men to "get" what they have to do to get more.
…so, with that in mind what I'd prefer this blog to be is a great resource for men so that they can...
(a) Benefit from this learning before it gets into the course and…
(b) So that I can get feedback on what I'm thinking about putting into the course, ie what works and what doesn’t work to get readers more of what they want.
Let's finish off this post with a roundup of who this blog is aimed at...
·         Men, that’s pretty important really - it's all about helping men understand how they can get more sex.
·         Especially those men in long term, committed, relationships with women.
·         Women - if you are happy to comment on the suggestions in these posts then this feedback is always gratefully received.
·         Men who, having got over that initial infatuation period where sex is incredibly regular and easy to get, now find themselves, perhaps many years (or children) later, in the position of wondering "how can I get sex?", "how do I get laid", "how do I get my wife to have more sex with me?" or who simply wonder how to get more sex?
·         Those men who "get" the whole health and safety thing, ie it assumes that it doesn’t need to repeat the health and safety briefing here, it assumes that you are in a trusting and committed relationship and that you are not off sleeping around with lots of other partners, it assumes that your partner is not off doing the same too, it assumes that you've both discussed and agreed the method of birth control that you use and that you are both sticking with what you’ve agreed, and finally - it assumes that you have had the conversation and taken the necessary precautions about any potentially sexually transmitted infections that one or both of you might have and that you are both grown up and mature enough to understand the risks with sex.

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