Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Discuss... are these simply some rather dull rules of life that us chaps have to suffer with?

  1. Women REALLY make all the decisions and blokes just say ‘yes’ and go along with it.
  2. Your partner may well let you think that you are getting your way the whole time, because otherwise it could well hurt your really fragile male ego.
  3. The idea that you are in charge of everything is purely an illusion which sticks around only because the rules of the world appear to request it.
  4. That elusive "green for go, jump me now becuase I'm well up for sex with you" signal just won’t come out if all you do is hang around waiting for it.
  5. You, the poor, long suffering male, has to do all the hard work when trying to seduce your partner into bed, but then it's actually your partner who will do all of the agreeing to submit to you at every step; from that very first sparkle in her eye to her ultimately surrendering to you sexually. Think back to when you first met your partner, was it her choice to make the decisions at every stage?…
  • She will have sent you the initial “it’s ok to approach me” signal that meant that she was willing to hear you out for a moment or two.
  • Then she decided whether or not she was going to grace you with her phone number.
  • Then she may have agreed to a first date with you.
  • Then if you were lucky she also agreed to date you a second time.
  • Then she may have beckoned you in for your first kiss together.
  • And then several days or maybe even weeks, later she will have allowed further escalation to some passionate kissing and touching.
  • And then finally she gave the permission for some sex, she let you take her clothes off and you got an ok to enter her.
So then... discuss - what’s the answer to this? Is it:
(a) Easy; tell yourself that “hey, that’s life as a man – there are good bits too”.
(b) Get over it and get on with what you’ve got to do.
(c) Stuff that for a game of soldiers, that's not fair.

ps. if you answered (c) then rejection could likely come your way full on in the face if you charge in trying to get sex with your partner without first having seduced her into giving you that ‘green for go’ signal.

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