Thursday, 21 June 2012

Yahoo answers post - How to spot good opportunities to initiate sex

I answered a post on the Yahoo Answers site titled "How do I change how I initiate sex with my wife?" but due to somewhat limited space for my answer I said that I'd put some additional answers on my blog, they should be useful to all as well though...

How To Spot Good Opportunities For Sex
Yup, you got it – some possible events, times, situations, etc. to keep an eagle out for - for when your attempt to initiate sex with your partner is more likely to be met favourably. Keep a watch out for the following situations, as they may be a good opportunity to try to initiate sex with her – but with all of these do also remember to ensure that your partner is in a good place (ie she's relaxed, its not late and she'll only be thinking about getting some sleep, etc. [there's more on this in a checklist of things to ensure are in place before you try to initiate sex in Week 3 of The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course])…
  • When you arent going to be interupted, ie when your children are asleep and aren't going to leap in on you both.
  • If she's showing signs of wanting sex with you (ie she's getting all touchy feely with you).
  • The end of a working week and you dont both have to get up for work the next day.
  • Surprise sex can also work well, ie just take her by the hand and lead her upstairs to the bedroom, then confidently start removing her clothing, kissing her bod as you expose her bod.
  • After a half glass of your partner’s favourite tipple when she’s generally relaxed and in a good place.
And there's 7 more suggestions on Day 14 of Week 3 of The Get More Sex Get Better Sex Course.

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